About Us

  We give you 6 Cs:  Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, Certification and Creditbility.

When you visit our site, you will see what sets it apart from others. Our listings are extremely detailed on all of our diamonds and jewelry pieces.

You know what you are purchasing  which ensures that there are no surprises when you receive it. In addition, you see pictures that are shown from different angles to be sure you can see every detail just as if it was sitting in front of you.

You will know the piece inside and out with the our description and pictures to allow you to Buy Safely & Securely. Each Item Diamond comes with its Independent Laboratory Report and Retail Replacement Value Appraisal.

Independent Lab Report / Appraisal GIA, AGI, EGL, AGS

All of our Diamonds and Jewelry are evaluated and Certified by Independent Laboratories." (Not Jewelers who are NOT GIA Graduates, who dont have  the Correct Lighting, a Microscope, a Master Set of Diamonds for Precise Color Grading etc and give apprasials 2  to 4 times more than the real REPLACEMENT VALUE)".

Each item is shipped with the Independent Labatory Gemological Report and Apprasial detailing the diamond's characteristics and is appraised based on Realistic Current Market Replacement Value.

The Independent Lab Report is assigned a unique serial number and has a Hologram for authentication.  A picture of the item is in the report and signed by the master GIA Graduate Gemologist who did the report and Apprasial.